last updated June 10, 2019

We have very limited availability for the rest of the summer. Please note that only our group room is available for limilted dates through August. 

Please be patient, there is only one person who handles recervations and it is the busiest time of the year. If there is no answer, please text.

2 Night Minimum

JULY 21st thru 25th

        group room 7 beds, 3 baths

JULY 28th thru 31st

        group room   5 beds, 2 baths

JULY 30th thru AUGUST 1st

         budget room    1 full bed

JULY  31st thru AUGUST 2nd

         group room  7 beds, 3 baths

AUGUST 1st thru 2nd

        group room  5 beds,  2 baths

AUGUST 4th and 5th

       budget room   1 full bed

AUGUST   5th and 6th

       standard room    1 twin, 1 queen

       family room      2 queen

       group room     5 beds,  2 baths

       group room      7 beds,  3 baths

AUGUST  12th and 13th

       budget room   1 full bed

       standard room    1 twin,  1 queen

       family room      2 queen

August 12th thru 15th

       group room   5 beds,  2 baths

       group room    7 beds,  3 bath

AUGUST 18th thru 22st

      budget room     1 full bed

AUGUST 18th thru 21st

      family room     2 queens

AUGUST 19th thru 22nd

      standard room  1 queen,  1 twin

AUGUST 19th thru 29th

      group room    5 beds,  2 baths

AUGUST 19th thru 23rd

      group room     7 beds, 3 bath

AUGUST 25th thru 29th

      standard room    1 queen,  1 twin

AUGUST 26th thru 30th

      family rooms      2 queeens